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Fall Crafts!

Fall Crafts!

Fall is finally here! Below are some mess free crafts to start off the new season! Hope you have a gourd time creating! 

Haunted Houses


Materials Needed: Popsicle Sticks, Black Paper, Stickers, Tape/Glue & Wonder Stix 

1. Glue popsicle sticks together in the shape of a house

2. Tape black paper to the back of the popsicle house

3. Grab your Wonder Stix and any other decorating materials you like! 

Pumpkin Painting with Kwik Stix


Materials Needed: A Pumpkin & Kwik Stix 

1. Simple! Get a pumpkin and start painting with your Kwik Stix! 

Leaf Prints


Materials Needed: Leaves, Paper, Kwik Stix & Glue 

1. Cut out construction paper in the shape of a tree 

2. Glue the tree onto another piece of paper

3. Use your Kwik Stix to color in the leaves, and before they dry press the leaves onto the paper

4. Now you have a tree!