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Outdoor Activities Bundle

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The Outdoor Activities Bundle has everything you need to bring all the fun right to your doorstep! This bundle fosters creativity while being the perfect combination of both learning and fun. Your summer will be filled with new and exciting activities to try each day! 

Each bundle includes; 

(1) Kwik Stix, 12 pack 

(1) Wonder Stix, 24 pack 

(1) Magic Stix, 12 pack 

(1) Hair Chalk, 6 pack 

(1) Face Paint, 6 pack 

 Kwik Stix & Wonder Stix are perfect for getting creative outdoors. They don't just work on paper- they also work on glass, pumpkins, rocks, seashells, wood and more! Take a walk and see what you can find to be your next canvas! 

Add some excitement to hand washing by creating your own soap! Soap Clay is made from safe non-toxic ingredients that will not irritate the skin. The vibrant cosmetic grade clay can be mixed to create countless designs, that dry into great soap

Did you forget to put the cap back on your marker yesterday?! No worries here because our Magic Stix markers are GUARANTEED to bring long lasting color to the page with the cap off for up to 7 DAYS without drying out! They also have a new triangular shape so they will not roll off the table while coloring outside. 

Add some excitement to your party by dressing up and turning into your favorite characters for the day! Hair Chalk and Face Stix face paint, are perfect for a mess free transformation when putting on your outdoor play! 

Save 10% when you bundle- perfect for outdoor activities with kids!