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Easter & Spring Collection

Get egg-sited! Easter’s on the way! Did you know Kwik Stix and Wonder Stix work great for mess free egg painting and decorating? Our pastel hues make the perfect pair for all your Spring & Easter crafts. Art supplies are also great non-candy alternatives for Easter Baskets! 

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About Us

The Pencil Grip, Inc. is dedicated to providing resources to parents, teachers and therapists that set the standard for excellence in education. Our namesake product was invented in 1992 by Dr. Lois Provda, a prominent educational therapist. Three decades later, The Pencil Grip has grown to offer hundreds of unique and innovative products for the home, school and office. With a scientific approach, we've continued to create tools that are designed to stimulate the mind, foster creativity, and are the best available.

The Provda family is incredibly grateful to the millions of parents, teachers, and therapists who have put their trust in The Pencil Grip, Inc’s products throughout the years!

5 Questions for @mommy_craftsandlaughs

Q: Tell us a little about yourself! What is the inspiration behind your Instagram page?

I started my Instagram page during the onset of the pandemic, which actually coincided with my maternity leave. My two-year-old was getting a little antsy at home and even my youngest was showing signs of wanting to play and learn through sensory activities...

Q: We have loved seeing your page
grow, and all the amazing projects and activities you share, and we learn so much as you incorporate play based learning into your posts! What inspired you to want to be a Brand Ambassador?

I was initially attracted to your brand when I saw your amazing Kwik Stix paint sticks. I was very wary of painting with my two year old at the time so these paint sticks were the perfect alternative...

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