Poster Ideas and Inspo!

Posters are a fun, creative, and personal way to bring positivity and gratitude to the community as we adjust to a “new normal” in these changing times. 

Now more than ever, it is so important to Thank those who are going above and beyond to keep us safe and healthy! Use your Jumbo Kwik Stix to create a personal Thank You to First Responders, Medical Professionals, Supermarket and Store Associates, Teachers, Delivery Drivers, and MORE! 

little girl holding thank you sign
thank you poster


thank you poster

During this time, big life events are still happening, even if it is in a different way than we originally planned. Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Baby Showers, Proms and more deserve to continue to be celebrated and honored during social distancing until we can come together again in a bigger and better way! Posters, banners, and window painting are a great way to show support and celebrate from near and far. 

happy birthday poster

We can't wait until we are all together again, but until then - we are so excited to continue to see the posters and window paintings in our communities. They bring positivity and light to a time that can seem dark at moments and it is a reminder we are still an come together and celebrate each other!


Get Jumbo Kwik Stix here, and start creating your own posters today!

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